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All of my research kept leading back to the same place: a family of plant-based compounds called Flavonoids.

Flavonoids can be found in some of nature's healthiest plants: green tea, red cherries, turmeric, purple grapes, raw cocoa...

In plants, flavonoids serve to protect their hosts from the harsh stresses of sunlight, wind and rain.

Originally discovered in 1936, by Nobel Prize winner Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, it wasn’t until recently that scientists began to discover the potent health properties of flavonoids.


Hundreds of studies have now shown that flavonoids can bring calm, cooling balance to the body’s inflammatory response.


Well, flavonoids can help suppress the vigilante cytokines that are running rampant in our organs, joints and brain.

That means a properly functioning immune system…

The system that controls energy, mood and mobility.

The clinical evidence on flavonoids is staggering.

And while there are so many incredible studies that it’s hard to “cherry-pick” just one, I still remember the elation I felt when I discovered the research on tart cherries.

For example, a fascinating study in the Journal of International Sports Science Nutrition found that a flavonoid derived from tart cherries resulted in 13% faster finishes for the half-marathon runners who consumed it, and a 34% reduction in post-race aches and pains!13

Yet as excited as I was to discover all of these benefits, further research took a discouraging turn.

You see, to get the full benefits that flavonoids bring to reign in the Four Cytokine Horsemen, boost energy, eliminate the aches that come from an active lifestyle, enhance weight loss and…

…most importantly…

…support lifelong health and vitality…

I discovered that…

It Simply Wouldn’t Be Possible To Get Flavonoids From A Reasonable Diet.

For one thing, modern farming practices have depleted our soil of its nutrients, so modern fruits and vegetables are significantly lower in vital nutrients like flavonoids.

By some estimates, we now need 10 servings of some plants to get the same nutrients as we’d get in just one serving from fifty years ago.14


And unfortunately, the nutrient content is degraded even further during the long process of picking, storing, shipping and delivering to the supermarket.

When our ancestors wanted to eat a fresh fruit or vegetable, they would pull it out of the ground, and eat it then and there.

This is why I encourage our customers to buy from farmers markets whenever they can, but I also understand that many Americans don’t have the time or money for this.

And even if they did, many flavonoids require high, pure concentrations for their benefits to be realized.

For example, the average American would have to drink 8-16 cups of decaffeinated green tea every day if he or she wanted the benefits that Green Tea's flavonoids have to offer.

And with over 6,000 different flavonoids, which ones would deliver real results?

Lots of people who I had on generic blends of “greens” and “reds” powders supplements still had inflammatory issues.

I was looking for real improvements in people. I wanted to see them up and active again!

I wanted to see their energy levels improve, so that they’d be able to make the most of each precious day.

And I wanted to be able to verify - with blood work - that their results weren’t just the “placebo effect,” but that we were making real progress on fixing their problems from the inside, out.

Thus began a months-long journey of almost daily deliveries of supplements to my doorstep. I needed to know…

Which Flavonoids Would Deliver Real Relief?

The first compound I began researching extensively was Curcumin, the flavonoid found in Turmeric and responsible for its golden color.

I started with Turmeric because of the thousands of studies that had been conducted on its ability to help balance an overactive inflammatory response.

But as I dug in, something became clear…

Much of this research was worthless.

All of these studies were being done either “in vitro” - meaning curcumin was being mixed with cells in a test tube – or by injecting curcumin directly into the bodies of mice.

When I’d read the clinical data on curcumin in human test subjects, the evidence was way less impressive.

This confirmed my experience. When I’d include it in our customers’ integrative health protocols, they noticed almost zero effect.

Immediately, the reason became clear to me - poor bioavailability in the human digestive system, and an inability to penetrate cellular walls.

Common Curcumin

Just because someone takes curcumin, it doesn’t mean it gets absorbed into the cells…

…even the formulas with Black Pepper Extract. As an old friend liked to say, “that’s like putting lipstick on a pig!”

With this in mind I began hunting for a solution.

And while pouring through the stacks of clinicals on my desk I came across a study by a research team at UCLA who had developed a cutting-edge delivery system, which wraps the curcumin particles in a natural “lipid layer".

This special preparation proved itself in over 17 published double blind placebo controlled human studies, to make the curcumin 95 times more bioavailable, and for the first time showed the same awesome effects that I’d previously only seen in the test tube and animal studies.15

I began advising some of our “tough case” customers to start taking this liposomal curcumin, and within weeks, they began reporting improved energy, mobility, and overall quality of life.

Liposomal Curcumin

This stuff was for real. And I had to find out what else I could do for people.

Spurred on by the exciting initial findings, my hunt for powerful compounds accelerated and I began researching at an almost feverish pace.

And after months of in-depth analysis, and self-administering the compounds, I’m happy to report that the special bioavailable form of Curcumin is just ONE of the…

Seven Flavonoids That Support Incredible Energy, Youthful Mobility, and A Balanced, Upbeat Mood

What’s more…

I believe that these 7 special flavonoids, when taken together, have a synergistic effect. This meant that combining these flavonoids could provide even greater results than taking them alone.

The next step became clear to me.

I began to help people source the 7 flavonoids, at the exact dosages I’d read about in clinical studies.

It wasn’t cheap, but the results were nothing short of miraculous.

Cindy, a 63 year old, who was complaining of intermittent fatigue and occasional sleeplessness reported that within 5 days of starting on the formula, her energy levels shot up, her stress declined significantly, and she started sleeping soundly through the night.

Bradley, an overworked and burnt-out 46 year old mutual fund manager “felt so much better” and was able to “stop dragging” at work and rediscover the joy and confidence he felt in his late 20’s.

Audene, who had gained over 15 pounds in the last 2 years, checked in with me at the 30 day mark. She told me that she was waking up full of energy every day, incredibly active once again, and that she was “looking better than ever.”

Over the next six months, I rolled it out to more people, and the outcome was almost always the same.

Within Seven To Fourteen Days Of Starting On The Regimen, They Were Moving, Feeling And Thinking Way Better.

I was overwhelmed with responses from people who reported far greater mobility and day to day comfort.

Many told me that for the first time in years they were able to do the things they once loved – like gardening during the day, and then keeping up with their families through the afternoon and evening.

Still more reported that their moods improved dramatically, and that they were more motivated to be social and active. This result lined up exactly with the clinical data I’d read.16

Happy Couple

By that point, I wasn’t surprised - those are exactly the sort of life improvements that someone can expect with a healthy inflammatory response… and that comes from giving the immune system the support it needs, in the face of the environmental toxins that we're exposed to daily.

Remember - the immune system is the master switch for how a person feels, every moment of the day, so when it’s working correctly, everything feels better.

And just as exciting, people were finally addressing the root cause of their weight issues, and ending the vicious cycle that was causing them to store extra calories as fat.

“You’ll never find someone who eats healthier than I do,” reported one of our customers. “But for the first time, my body actually looks like it!”

By this point, I realized that my mission had grown.

Rather than being a last resort for a few, I could be a first resort for so many more.

A doctor who could educate others about the dangers of our industrial food system… the many modern-day poisons that are setting our bodies and our brains on fire, and robbing us of our mobility, our energy and our health.

A doctor who could provide a proactive first line of defense against these toxins and poisons.

A doctor who could help Americans move better, feel better, recover their spark… their vitality… and set them on the path to long-term wellness...

…not just putting some duct-tape on their problems, but addressing these problems at their very roots.

Providing immediate relief but also a long-term solution that would continue to protect them for decades to come.

I partnered with two experienced business owners, whose other businesses had earned A+ Better Business Bureau ratings, and together we set to work to find a manufacturing partner for this breakthrough formula.

We wanted to combine my formula into one capsule, to see how it would perform on a wider group of people, and I insisted on maintaining my standard of purity and ingredient quality.

We knew this product would be going out into the real world, to help real people with real issues - so nothing less than the best would do.

Now I have to say…

Finding A Facility Up To My Standards Wasn't An Easy Task

Most commercial supplement facilities either use outdated technology, or do not take the proper steps to ensure the purity of the products they are producing.

My team and I placed test orders at some of the biggest manufacturers in the country, and to be honest, our findings were alarming. We performed DNA tests on the samples we received, and found upsetting differences between what we’d ordered, and what they produced.

But after three months, we connected with a CGMP-certified facility in Nevada.

They were experienced in phytonutrient production, and had a long track record of producing formulations free of allergens such as bee pollen, gluten, soy and dairy…

Doctors In Manufacturing

Free of pesticides and herbicides….

And with Non-GMO sourced ingredients.

Impressed with their knowledge and experience,

I flew out to tour their facility to meet with the director of product formulation.

We worked to develop a customized formulation that matched - and in the case of two ingredients, exceeded - the same high standards of the supplements I was personally advising our customers to take.

With production underway, my partners and I worked to create a new business called Vitalifi, and today, I couldn’t be more excited to tell you about our breakthrough formulation: VitaCell+.


VitaCell+ is a clinical-grade, all-natural supplement, designed to promote a healthy inflammatory response, in the face of the unavoidable, everyday toxins we face.

With VitaCell+, thousands of people all over the country are experiencing natural energy, an upbeat mood, and activity levels that they thought were in their past.

The very things that have been stolen from them, that so many doctors say are just a “normal part of aging”.

I’ve got news: They’re common. But they’re not normal.

And with Vitacell+, people don’t have to live like their peers who wake up in the morning with terrible discomfort... who slog through their day hoping to have just enough energy to make it until TV time at night.

VitaCell+ helps you be active, energized, and in charge of your life, because…

The Formulation Combines 7 Of Nature's Most Powerful, Energy-Enhancing Flavonoids

...into two easy to take capsules that you pop into your mouth with your first meal of the day.

As your inflammatory response begins to shift into the “healthy” range, the effects will become powerfully pronounced over the next seven to fourteen days.

But many people report feeling an immediate sense of comfort, well-being and vitality, within just hours of taking their first dose.

In nearly two decades, I can honestly say I’ve never seen a natural formula so potent and effective.

And I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Here's what a few of our customers who received the first batch of VitaCell+ said about their experience with the formula...

"Am a bass player in a high energy rock band! 4 hours of continuous moving on my feet with a 12 lb bass. requires energy and mobility! I’ve used other supplements in the past that no effect. With Vitacell I’ve noticed an increase in my stamina and energy levels. This supplement help more than I could have ever imagined ! And keeps my joints feeling great! I would highly recommend this to anyone! I’m out and need a new bottle!"

- Mike

"My name is Theresa, and I want to share my testimony about VITACELL+, because it has changed my life in many wonderful ways, and I want others to know about the awesome benefits of VITACELL+. I am 67, with health issues that slowed me down, and to the point where I went out less and less, and just never felt real well. My awesome doctor, who thinks outside the box, using pharmacy meds where needed, and also works with natural vitamin combinations as well, which I love. He had put me on VITACELL+ to see if it helped me......I took it for a couple months and I felt better....none of my hardest issues popped up, like shortness of breath....but when I ran out of VITACELL+ and after a couple days, I had a hard time getting a deep breath again, body sore again, mind not as clear, and felt horrible. I ordered 6 bottles, and the day it came in, I took it right away......I was amazed because that day, I felt so good. I was up and around, clear minded, and that is VITACELL+. !!!!!! For me, I have my life back. ITS A 5 STAR supplement!"

- Theresa

"My name is Tracy...I am 51yrs young. I recently purchased/finished my 1st bottle of Vitacell +. After 2 days I instantly felt energized and ready to take on my busy day. I noticed a profound feeling of clarity alongside laser focus. My body/mind seemed to be in a NATURAL state of homeostasis....which we all know is HUGELY IMPORTANT for the immune system. This product has LITERALLY changed my life!!! When I ran out and was awaiting the arrival of my second bottle...I was taking note of my mind/body’s status...Not good! I feel AMAZINGLY blessed to have found this company/product. You owe it to yourself to seek out Vitalifi. Take care of your body/’s the only place you have to live (star emoji) Best regards Customer for life Tracy"

- Tracy

"Some days it is difficult walking very far without soreness and at night I cannot sleep more than four hours without waking up in a lot of discomfort. I started taking Vitacell+ in May and wasn’t sure I was feeling any benefits. In June a week before vacation, I ran out and forgot to order until the day before we left. This means I went two weeks without Vitacell+. By the end of week two, I could feel a difference. I started getting aching and having discomfort. After I started the Vitacell+ again and within two days I no longer had soreness in my hips or thumbs. I can’t believe the difference in how I feel and quality of life. Oh, and my husband is happy to NOT hear me moaning all the time."

- Sydney

And before I tell you how to begin your own VitaCell+ regimen, let me tell you about the miracle seven flavonoids in this formula.

The first medical-grade flavonoid in VitaCell+ is…

Longvida-Optimized Curcumin


As you may remember, I discovered a very powerful type of curcumin, 95 times more bioavailable than what you see on the shelf at your grocery store.17

What’s so important about this is curcumin is that it’s incredibly powerful at promoting a healthy inflammatory response, and it works by inhibiting excess cytokine production – basically telling the Cytokine Police “your job is done, you can go home and rest!”

What’s more – a recent meta-analysis of Curcumin’s effects led top researchers to proclaim…

“systemic administrations of curcumin had a regenerative effect on herniated discs, as seen by newly formed collagen and proteoglycan extracellular matrix proteins”18

So not only does Curcumin lower cytokine function and balance the immune system…

It actually addresses the destruction wreaked on the body by decades of toxin exposure – head on.

It’s been the subject of over 17 published studies, including a recent clinical trial at the University of Colorado, where they determined that Longvida Optimized Curcumin is 36% more effective at promoting a healthy inflammatory response than a placebo.19

Longvida Optimized Curcumin is quite a bit more expensive than its generic alternatives, but when it comes to whole-body comfort, energy, mood and vitality there is simply no comparison.

That’s why it’s the cornerstone of the formulation.

The second medical-grade flavonoid I've included in VitaCell+ is…

Cocoa Extract

Cocoa Extract

Cocoa was revered as a superfood by the Mayans.

But even they didn’t know just how powerful it is.

Out of the top 1,000 flavonoid-rich foods – cocoa contains the highest amount of flavonoids per milligram.20

The specific flavonoids found in cocoa, which are different than those found in curcumin, work by limiting production of the most dangerous cytokines in your body – Interleukin 1-Beta.21

The research on cocoa is definitive, for both immediate feelings, and long-term benefits.

The first time I recommended pure cocoa extract to people, they were astonished by how quickly they felt better, which is how I knew it was balancing the overactive cytokine response.

The third medical-grade flavonoid source is…

CherryPure Tart Cherry Extract

CherryPure Tart Cherry Extract

Tart Cherry Extract is a powerhouse unlike any other, and CherryPure is the very best tart cherry extract available.

You see, Tart Cherries contain a specific type of flavonoid not found in any other food source.

Why does that matter to you?

Because this flavonoid is now believed to regulate a unique cytokine pathway that other flavonoids don’t affect.

And it's this flavonoid that researchers now believe to be responsible for many of the positive effects of Tart Cherry extract, including decreased abdominal fat22, better sleep quality23, improved cardiovascular health24, and supremely enhanced mobility.25

In a double-blind study of half-marathon runners, researchers concluded that “inflammatory markers were 47% lower in [The CherryPure Test Group] than in the [Placebo group].”26

Another double-blind study on powerlifting athletes found that CherryPure “significantly attenuated” soreness up to 48 hours after a heavy lifting session. And not just that, but these athletes had greater post-lift strength, and decreased muscle breakdown.27

If the flavonoids in CherryPure can deliver these kinds of benefits to high-performance athletes, just think of what they can do for average Americans!

It’s Truly Incredible That These Chemicals Exist In Nature…

So far I’ve shared just three of the flavonoid-rich compounds found in VitaCell+.

And if VitaCell+ only contained those three ingredients, it would be the most effective natural formula available for balancing the immune system, and providing comfort, mobility and energy in the face of daily environmental toxins.

But my goal when developing this formulation wasn’t to come up with the best solution “out there.”

It was to come up with the best solution possible - to bring together every flavonoid that would bring balance to the torrent of immune activity brought on by the Four Horsemen.

And to do that, I needed to call on four additional potent, clinical-grade flavonoids.

The first is…

Boswellia Serrata

Boswellia Serrata

Now, in the world of eastern medicine, Boswellia Serrata is nothing new.

Boswellia Tree extract has been a staple of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. They've used it to improve mobility, energy and flexibility, and also to also maintain healthy bowel function.28

But in the west?

It wasn’t until very recently that we came to understand just how powerful this ancient tree resin extract really is.

In addition to containing high levels of flavonoids, boswellia also contains a unique natural compound called boswellic acid.

Boswellic acid has been shown to prevent overproduction of one of the Four Cytokine Horsemen – TNF-alpha – through pathways which other flavonoids are unable to regulate.29

My goal when formulating VitaCell+ was to give the immune system exactly what it needs to deal with the deluge of toxins in our food, air and water supply.

And by adding Boswellia, I’m proud to say, we’ve done just that.

Besides all of its potent energy boosting, immune-balancing effects, Boswellia has been proven to protect the neurons in the brain as people age, to reduce unnatural anxiety, and to promote feelings of calmness and wellbeing.30

The bottom line on Boswellia is this:

It’s one of the most versatile flavonoids on earth, and it’s no wonder that our friends in the east have been using it for thousands of years.

Now, compounds five and six are each impressive on their own, but together they have a synergistic effect.

These two ingredients are Resveratrol and Quercetin.

You may have heard of…



It’s a key compound in red wine extract.

For years, researchers were confounded by what they called “The French Paradox”.

How could the French eat fatty foods, smoke and drink almost every day, and maintain better health and have lower risk of heart disease than us "health-conscious" Americans?

The answer – it turned out – was in the red wine they drink.

Red wine contains a potent “miracle molecule” called Resveratrol.

I included flavonoid-rich Resveratrol in the formulation for several reasons.

You see, in addition to regulating proper immune function, Resveratrol has also been proven to decrease the harmful effects of a high-calorie, high-fat diet, while maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.31

This means two things.

First, no more see-saws of energy… those excessive highs and sluggish lows.

Instead, with less erratic blood sugar, people have a stable supply of natural energy throughout the day, which also translates into a better mood, and fewer cravings.

And second, with Resveratrol’s help, people can metabolize carbs and sugars more effectively, converting them into energy, instead of stored fat.

I believe this is one of the reasons that people reported an improved metabolism, and better weight control.

But one issue with Resveratrol – is that like regular Curcumin – it’s not as “bioavailable” as you would hope.

That is…until it’s combined with the next flavonoid:



Now, Quercetin is a powerful immune regulator in its own right:

A study at the Department of Pathology and Diagnostics at the University of Verona suggests that the flavonoids in Quercetin are powerfully effective at maintaining healthy inflammatory levels.32

But when I was formulating VitaCell+, I was truly blown away when I learned how special it is when combined with Resveratrol.

Not only have studies found Quercetin to increase the bioavailability of Resveratrol…

...but it turns out that - when consumed together - these two flavonoids often lead to a significant decrease in fat deposits.33

Remember, fat cells are like little cytokine production factories. So when we combine Quercetin and Resveratrol, it makes for a potent weight control one-two punch, that supports proper immune function, boosts energy, restores clarity, and enhances mobility.

And finally, I've included clinical-grade…

Green Tea Extract

EGCG Green Tea Extract

Now, it’s no secret that green tea is healthy.

It’s the very best source of a little miracle molecule... a special type of flavonoid called "catechins."

Study after study have revealed the wide-ranging benefits of catechins, from detoxification, to targeted immune response management, to the release of profound natural energy stores.

And just as exciting, multiple studies have shown that the active ingredient in green tea - EGCG – is one of the most powerful natural fat regulators on the planet.34

One only need to look to Japan, and it’s thin, long-lived population, to see just how powerful green tea extract can be when taken daily.

So in all, VitaCell+ packs medical-grade extracts of seven incredibly powerful flavonoids, into two easy-to-take capsules that instantly go to work, the very first time you wash them down with a glass of cold water…

…for far less than you’d spend buying each of them alone.

I’ll get to that in a minute, but before we continue, it’s essential for you to know that…

Vitacell+ Cannot Be Put Into Any Single Category Of Supplements

Yes, VitaCell+ is a natural way to soothe aches and discomfort in the shoulders, neck, back and legs. And with compounds like Longvida Curcumin, and CherryPure Tart Cherry Extract, people can expect a lot more discomfort-free mobility.

But it’s not a typical “joint pill” – those just attempt to mask the problem, without solving for the root cause.

And those that do claim to solve the problem at the root are woefully under-dosed, not bioavailable, and they do NOT modulate all of the cytokine pathways needed to provide the life changing results that Vitacell+ does.


Vitacell+ isn’t an “energy pill” – even though users report massive bursts in natural, youthful feeling energy.


Energy pills and drinks leave people tired and drained, and actually create more problems.


VitaCell+ promotes a healthy inflammatory response, which supports the body's own natural ability to produce clean, long-lasting energy.

It protects against the overactive immune response to toxins in the environment, and stresses in life. You move with more comfort, you think clearer, you're more present, and your mood improves.

I've seen this on the faces of our customers, and experienced it for myself.

The potent, clinical-grade flavonoids in this formulation have been proven to deliver all of these benefits… and more… in hundreds of published studies… without harmful side effects.

So VitaCell+ stands in a category of its own.

And it’s the key to unlocking the very best days of your life.

It sends the vigilante cytokines packing, gets the body working the way it was designed to, and helps people get moving and active again...

…so many VitaCell+ customers experience the natural weight loss that happens when they’re moving and active again (often, for the first time in decades).

It’s proactive and protective care, for a world we weren’t designed for.

And what’s more…

Making VitaCell+ a Daily Habit Couldn't Be Simpler

Happy Couple

Just take 2 capsules with a cool glass of water and your first meal of the day, and nature’s seven most powerful bioflavonoids will go to work.

If you’re like many of our customers, you’ll begin to feel it’s first effects within hours: great physical comfort, a clearer mind, and more natural energy.

Then, over the next few days you’ll begin to notice that you’re accomplishing more, eating a little bit less than usual, and moving through your day-to-day without the aches and discomforts you used to feel.

And over the coming weeks, you’ll begin to feel like “yourself” again. Your energy and mental clarity reaching new heights, and your mobility remarkably free and loose.

That’s when you’ll know that VitaCell+’s remarkable flavonoids have brought balance to your immune system, and that your best days are truly ahead of you.

Right Now, I'd Like To Invite You To Try VitaCell+ For Yourself

Until recently, I would have recommended you purchase each of the bioflavonoids individually, from some specialized, trustworthy sources.

You would have had to buy Longvida Optimized Curcumin, Quercetin, Resveratrol, CherryPure Tart Cherry Extract, Pure Cocoa Extract, Boswellia, and Green Tea extract separately.

And your bill would have been around $270.

Sure, you could get that down to about $150 if you bought cheap, generic versions of these compounds.

But as you know, many of the cheap supplements are poorly sourced, full of GMOs, and they’re not bioavailable… so it’s almost better to save the money and buy nothing at all.

I’ve spoken to many people over the years who’ve spent hours researching supplements on Amazon, and spending hundreds of dollars, only to be disappointed by their results.

So as you’re no doubt beginning to see, not only is VitaCell+ incredibly convenient, but it will also save you a tremendous amount of time and money, while delivering real results that you can feel.

When my company first began selling the product online, the price was $99. We had to charge this much because our small inventory runs drove up our costs.

Yet customers happily paid it, and when a shocking number of them called within days of receiving their shipments, asking for more, we knew it was time to begin mass-producing the formula.

It's clear that we are facing a crisis of toxicity, and I truly do believe that VitaCell+ could be the key to addressing it.

And if you’re as serious as I am about your health, energy, and vitality, then I’d like to make the formulation available to you right now at a low introductory price.

Today, you’re not going to pay the $99 that our first customers had to pay.

When you order today through this website your investment in VitaCell+ will be far, far less.

And when you consider how much you’d be saving versus buying each of the bioflavonoids on their own, in their purest, highest-quality forms, you’ll have a very real savings of several hundred dollars.

Today's Investment In VitaCell+ Is Just $49.95/Bottle… Or Less

So go ahead right now and click the button below to try VitaCell+.

At this low introductory price, it comes out to less than $1.50 per day to improve your mobility, your energy, mood and focus for all of the days that lie ahead.

And if you choose to Subscribe and Save, as many of my repeat customers are now doing, your investment will be even less.

Is it worth $1.50 per day to have the chance to have whole-body mobility and comfort, tack-sharp thinking, an upbeat mood, and the youthful energy you need to make the most of your life?

I don’t want anyone to continue to go through life stiff, listless, foggy and feeling like their best days are behind them.

That doesn’t have to be what the rest of your life looks like.

Not if you attack the toxins head on, and take control of your body’s natural inflammatory response.

You’ll restore your body’s natural mobility and energy production, to do all the things you love to do.

You Have A Full Year To Decide If You Want To Pay For Your VitaCell+

Mountain Climber

It’s so important to me that you experience the life-changing benefits of VitaCell+ that the Vitalifi team and I would like to send you a bottle risk-free, for a full one-year, to try for yourself.

If you don’t start waking up feeling great and ready to move through day like your old self… more alive and active… thinking sharper… feeling better….

Then we don’t deserve a penny.

In fact, if for any reason at all you are not absolutely ecstatic with VitaCell+, simply return the unused portion and the Vitalifi team and we will refund every cent of your money.

Even if the bottle is empty we’ll still honor this promise to you.

I sincerely hope this one-year, 100% money back guarantee shows you just how confident we are in the VitaCell+ formula that I’ve developed, and in the incredible results it can bring to your life within just hours or days of taking your first serving.


Bouncing out of bed every morning with a sense of positive anticipation because you know that when you feel your best, anything is possible.

You’re refreshed. There’s no brain fog. No nagging stiff back.

Only excitement, clarity and focus.


Imagine feeling mentally and physically better than you have in years. Fresh and full of mobility, feeling like your body is your partner, not your foe.

This is what inspires me every day.

When long-time customers write me emails to say “Dr. Sisskind, I haven’t felt like this in 20 years” – it’s moments like those that make all the late nights of research... and all of the effort it’s taken to bring this miracle formula to the world… so worth it.

It’s moments like those that make me so passionate about bringing Vitacell+ into the hands of Americans all across the country.

And just for today, to make your decision even easier, we’re going to go ahead and cover the cost of shipping VitaCell+ to your doorstep.

That’s how much I want you to get started with it.

So go ahead and click the button below to get started.

Simply select the package that’s right for you, and then fill out the secure shipping and payment information.


You can feel confident in the security of your payment details because we use a 256-bit SSL encrypted server.

In fact, your credit card number will be stored completely encrypted, so no human eyes… not even the incredibly trustworthy Customer Support agents who work for Vitalifi – will ever be able to see your full credit card number.

Within 1 working day of placing your order, your shipment will be rushed out the door to you

…and depending on what time it is right now, your order may even leave the warehouse in just an hour or two.

As the potent flavonoids in VitaCell+ begin working their magic, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.


The days of wondering when and if you’ll feel better will be a distant memory.

It’s such a great feeling to know that you never have to go back to those days again…

…that going forward, every day will be a great day – fresh, clear, focused and active.

The way you used to live your life – effortlessly.

And in addition to all of the immediate effects you’ll be able to feel within the first few weeks, you’ll also be doing your body and your health a massive favor in the long run.

Remember, this is about more than just escaping the aches and discomforts that limit you on a daily basis.

The Immune System Is Literally The Master Switch For Health

So doesn’t it make sense to do everything in your power to support your immune system, and keep your body and mind in their optimal state… in the face of environmental toxins that are simply unavoidable today?

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Dr. Steve Sisskind